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Aamir khan meets the first lady of Turkey shooting Lala Singh Chaddha': controversy across social media 

Aamir khan a popular Indian Bollywood actor and director meet Emmie Erdogan's wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Erdogan tweets about meeting up with Aamir on her Twitter account which leads to several rounds of controversy in the nation.
Aamir khan meets the first lady of Turkey shooting Lala Singh Chaddha': controversy across social media

Several posts were made upon this issue which stated that president Erdogan Turkey is doing against the propaganda against India and this is a self-goal by Aamir khan. Turkey is generally holding friendly hands against India with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue in various global forums. Our Indian superstar had done a wrong meeting with the nation who is an enemy nation. 

Posts also disclaimer the fact Aamir khan should have met Benjamin Netanyahu, an Indian friend instead of meaning Erdogan at a time when Turkey is openly backing Pakistan on state-sponsored terrorism and cornering India on Kashmir. 

In September 2019, Erdogan raised the Kashmir issue during his address at the United Nations General Assembly. India had remarked it's deep regrets on the statement made by Turkey on Kashmir issue and the External affairs minister spokesperson Raveesh Kumar called upon Turkey to have a proper understanding of the scenario.
Erdogan had rejected several meetings with India and raised the Kashmir issue on the Pakistan parliament and had become friendly nations by the end of 2020.
Turkey also wanted to help Pakistan for the upliftment of the state of poverty in the nation.
Turkey president compared the issue of Kashmir with the Gallipoli issue.
Turkey seems to be more inclined towards Pakistan than India on the Kashmir issue.
Across a year the Pakistan-turkey bond have strengthened over a host of an issue -on the matters of expansion of the defense partnership and the Turkish serial the 'Dirilis Ertugrul ' has also gained much IMDb in Pakistan.

A museum at turkey was converted into a mosque, Pakistan Pm was the first leader to serve the controversy.
 The recent intelligence report handed over to national security planners had said 'Turkish government fronts or the outfits it to support deeper inroads in India mainly via Turkish state media, educational institution, NGOs
NGOs are holding

red flags against India and many individuals and groups are mentioned in the reports who are linked with Pakistan agency ISI.

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