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Covid update: Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine trial paused 

The company investigates unexplained illness and so the covid 19 vaccines paused. The pause indicates a hold that occurs among the covid 19 vaccines that occurs .
Covid update: Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine trial paused
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The Company on Monday evening said in a press conference for the decline of the covid 19 vaccine updates and the temporary arrest of the vaccine. Ascertain loopholes have been investigated in the Coronavirus vaccine and this has raised stakes on their kind of complications. 

The company requires a re-evaluation as trials have detected some serious illness due to unexpected reactions. The first step that the company would take is to determine a person with the placebo. 

Johnson & Johnson is aiming to enroll 60,000 volunteers to prove the single-dose approach against the coronavirus is a way to approach a safe and protected against the coronavirus vaccine. the vaccine candidates in the U.S require two shots for detection. 

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