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Hathras Case raising questions on the Congress. 

Forensic Reports have Confirmed physical assault on the Hathras case victim by the JNMCH. Lack of evidence of sexual intercourse as the victim had admitted 8 days after the incident. According to government Guidelines, the forensic samples should be collected within 72 hours of the incident. As the sperms cant survive more than 90 hours.   
Hathras Case raising questions on the Congress.
The victim was brutally assaulted on September 14 by four Upper-Caste men when she was told to collect fodder with her mother on the field. The girl was referred to JNMCH from Hathras Hospital, after a long struggle she died on September 29. The Family had initially accused, Sandeep who was arrested under section 307 and relevant sections of the SC/ST act on September 19. 
The Charges of gangrape were added on September 22 as the statement was recorded by the police under section 164 of Crpc. The MLC report was prepared on September 22 which noted "complete penetration " and "loss of consciousness at the time of the incident" due to fracture of C-6 vertebrae. 
The victim's family had been changing statements after the assault and has removed the charges except that of the assault. The girl was visited by the SIT members of the U.P Government during the stay of the girl. 
Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra meets the victim's family of the Hathras Gang rape at Bulgadi Village after that area was said a containment zone by the government to avoid crowding of people in that area. 
Mr.Gandhi said,"We stand with the family members in their hour of grief and continue to fight against Justice. He also added," No power could silence the voice of the family of the Hathras Gang Rape victim. Voice recordings are leaked which tells about the transaction of money up to 50Lakh by the eminent party leaders and to do things after informing Ms.Vadra. 

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