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Hathras Gang-Rape FIR released on the official website :

Hathras Gang-Rape FIR released on the official website :

The Central Bureau of Investigation released the portion of the FIR where the suspected offenses according to the report where Rape, Attempt to Murder, Gang Rape, and Murder. The Issue of the Attempt to murder case has shocked the people and this raises the chances of the Caste war. A Dalit woman was brutally raped by a gang of 4 Brahmin in A tiny village of Hathras.

The CBI has taken up the Hathras Gang Rape to investigate the case. The charges alleged are Section 307 (Murder attempt), 376(D)(Gang Rape), and 302(Murder) of the IPC and Section3(2)(v) of the SC/ST(Prevention of atrocities) Act,1989.

FIR No. C.C. 136/2020 that the CBI removed from the website hours after taking the Hathras Gang rape on charges and the murder case.

The primary complaint made by the accused family was to murder a Dalit at the Champa Police station, Hathras, U.P. The case had gained a point of a twist when the reports as released by the Aligarh Muslim University stated that the victim had no sign of Anal/ vaginal intercourse as the patient was admitted 72 hours after the incident. On detection of the semen samples can be collected by any government testing lab up to 72 hours of the accused after the incident. One of the members involved in the case was arrested as per the mother's statement of identity and the accused was found guilty.

The 19-year old Dalit victim had passed on September 29 due to the brutal assault and deep bodily injuries.

Many political leaders visited the victims' families. The accused family was increased with the security levels after the accused passed and the case was charged on to the CBI from the Police Department.

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