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India-China relationship updates : 118 apps,PUBG banned by India 

India due to safety, security, and sovereignty purposes is bound to bans 118 apps run by China. 

India-China relationship updates : 118 apps,PUBG banned by India
India china had a troubled relation after the spread of Coronavirus from Wuhan city of China. As the pandemic had hit hard not only china but also various countries across the nation. The education, market, and business sector have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic across the globe. The US had banned several products of china and restricted marketing policies across the country by former chief Donald Trump. The US had also sought India to ban china in marketing in the state as the maximum number of industrial sectors work under the goods supplied by china banning china in the market would have traumatically shattered the nation's economic and industrial sector which would have keenly affected the nation. 
India china relations 2020 updates 
The relations between the two nations were hit hard to shatter by the onset of coronavirus since May.
May 2020: PLA sending troops to captivate area near Pangong lake, Ladakh. 
June 2020: 20 soldiers killed in a clash with Chinese troops in the Galway area. 
June 2020: The Union Minister for Communications, Electronics & IT and Law & Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad had said as to ensure the safety, security, sovereignty and to protect the
data 59 Chinese apps were banned 
July 2020: 47 Chinese apps which were clones of 59 apps were banned. 
August 2020: Online marketing was instructed to provide country code for customers being able to Identify the country of purchase. 
Xiaomi, Baidu apps were banned. 
this was the third clamp down for the Chinese app bann in India.  
29/30 August: PLA troops had violated the military & diplomatic engagements and carried out provocative movements towards the Indian border, army rescued. 
September: Bann of 118 apps which popularly includes the Largest online marketing App Pubg online gaming app. 
Pubg is a south korean owned company blue hole which has been backed up by chinas most valuable gaming company named Tencates Games. 

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