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India crossed 3 Million cases: Expert Report

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.
India crossed 3 Million cases: Expert Report
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During the onset of COVID-19, approximately 200-300 cases were found across the nation but after 4-month strict quarantine during the unlock period more than 70,000 cases are reported per day. India Ranks 2 position after the US and Brazil.
 Mistakes in the strategy:

  • As due to transport from cities to villages after announcing "lockdown" for 4 hours. People panicked and case reports increased due to transport and spread to villages 

  • Delay in International flights ban

  • The slow rate of human trials

Within 169 days 1 million was reported across the nation after the announcement of lockdown due to the coronavirus spread across the nation.
 Reach from 2-3 million after the "unlock" is the "fastest growth rates ". 
In Brazil, the growth rates occurred within 23 days and in the USA within 28 days crossing 3 Million Corona positive.
Which includes cases reported from different states for reaching 3 million with +ve :

  •  Maharastra - 28% cases 

  • Andra Pradesh 

  • Karnataka

  • Delhi 

  • UP

  • West Bengal

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