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Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to 3 scientists for their contribution to Blackhole. 

The prize awardees for the discovery of a supermassive object at the Milky way's center were given to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez.  
Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to 3 scientists for their contribution to Blackhole.
Black hole mystery discovered now!
The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to three astrophysicists on Tuesday, October 6 for their contribution on the gateways to eternity known as the Black holes, massive objects that swallow light, and everything else forever that falls in their unsparing news. Blackhole was a great mystery, efforts were made by various scientists across the world for the existence of the black hole according to the Albert Einsteins theory of gravity, known as the General Relativity. 
Sir Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez winners of the Nobel prize and $1.1 Million award prize they have been honored with.  
Black holes are regarded as the region in the space where the gravity is very strong and that not even light can escape this area. The hole discovery was a mystery as the ships and planes passing miles near this region discovered and traces were never found about them. 
Dr. Pennose, Oxford Mathematician, understood the complex mathematics and had introduced new tools that could prove this is a process that people can naturally expect to happen - that a star collapses and turns in a Black Hole. Although researches were also done by Stephen Hawkings about the stars and their collapse. 
The mathematical concept of "trapped surfaces " was crucial in understanding the giant leap. The trapped forces which exist stronger than rays and points towards the center. Once trapped it begins to collapse, as in the formation of a black hole, and a trapped surface form, nothing can stop the process from continuing. 
Dr.Ghez is the fourth woman Nobel prize awardee. 

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