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PM Modi Wind Turbine Controversy for Oxygen. 

PM Modi recently has discussed with Denmark about the wind turbine technique through which it could make India get electricity in collaboration with Denmark. But the political parties have developed an ample amount of controversial statements across for certain points discussed with the CEO of Vesta about the production of oxygen through wind turbines. 

PM Modi Wind Turbine Controversy for Oxygen.

Wind turbines development for energy generation. Wind turbines for water extraction and oxygen separation concepts generate political heat 

Wind shafts are the long fan-shaped turbines that rotate for the production of energy. It is a renewable-source of conversion of the Kinetic energy produced through the rotation of the turbines into electricity generation.

Working Mechanism: 

The wind passes over the blades makes them turn which generates kinetic energy. The blades Turn A shaft within the Naceele box at the top of the turbine. The shaft turns a generator which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy. At the bottom, a transformer is attached which coverts the electricity to the right voltage for the local network. The electricity is exported to the electricity grid and is utilized. 

A recent video of Modi's interaction with the CEO of Vestas, Mr. Henrik Andersen one of the leading wind turbines companies in the world and a pioneer in the Industry has left twitter in split by the opposition party leaders. India has established a green strategic partnership with Denmark. 


 PM Modi government is targetting 175 Gigawatts (GW) of the renewable capacity y the year 2020- a goal proudly displayed on the Ministry of the New and Renewable Energy's website and is aiming fr 450 GW by 2030. 


PM Modi says in his virtual meeting with the CEO requests inculcation of certain points in the wind turbine development where he seeks about the places where the moisture content in the atmosphere is more opting an ability to extract the water from the atmosphere and could produce for the drinking purposes. This statement seems to be a scientific technique of the wind turbine extracting water by an EOLEWATER company that hadn't reached heights because of the lack of Commercialization because of its high cost. 

Modi also speaks about the production of oxygen by the turbines which would separate the oxygen from the atmospheric pressure exerted by the gases. 


 FACT 1. 

Turbines can generate clean drinking water as the EOLE WATER in 2012 produced 62 litres of water in an hour. But the main controversy arises in the manufacturing cost

FACT 2. 

Extraction of oxygen from the air through distillation fraction is evenly possible. by the cryogenic distillation processes. 


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