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UP schools Reopen for 9-12 students 

Sanitization and guidelines for Corona prevention as per the government are mandatory for the schools to follow before shifting back to normal classes.  
UP schools Reopen for 9-12 students
Schools in the containment zones remain closed to better recovery rates in the areas. 
The curriculum in those schools would be continued through online classes. Uttar Pradesh government has properly sanitized the premises.
Guidelines for the Reopened schools to be followed by staffs, students, and teachers: 

1. Classes would be held in shifts: Protocols about the class would be provided earlier to the students by the school authority member. To avoid physical contact, social distancing would be followed. 

2. 50% shift: For classes 9 and 10 50 % of the students would be allowed out of the total for the respective days. 

3. Permission of Guardians: Students would be allowed in classes after written permission from parents/ guardians. 

4. Social distancing: students would e made to sit 6 feet from each other. 

5. Screening before entry: Proper availability of sanitization, handwash, and thermal screening would be made available to each. 

6. Poor health: If teachers and students/staff would be facing fever, cough, and cold they would be sent home for primary treatment. 

7. Wearing masks: Compulsory for students, teachers, and staff to wear masks on school premises. 

8.Online classes: Students who couldn't avail online sources would be preferred for offline courses. 

9. School buses: Proper sanitization, social distancing, wearing masks. 

10. No force: Students won't be forced for attending classes , they can continue online classes. 

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