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US-China Military attack " real danger " before November 2020 Elections

Recently U2 incident that took place where US spy aircraft entered the "no-fly zone " where the military army practices its missile launch in the area near China Sea . Changes in shooting the aircraft development of more prone to "battles "

US-China Military attack " real danger " before November 2020 Elections
US-China disputes have changes increased for war across both nations. China is avoiding war as they want 2020 November Elections to be held .

The location for this incidence is near the South China sea named Hainan Island where China practices it's naval practice , and information regarding the China Military has been recorded by the craft . This matter has been exaggerated by China and said that the US wants war , this incidence is an indication for the incidence .

Dispute claims in South China sea .
 The US had also made its anti-submarine warplane to reach near the Shanghai coast , China within 100 Km by the end of July to provoke China for a war , intention to seems to says that the US military wants to prove that China is the most inferior country in front of US .

Turning the pages of past we have confronted with the news earlier that in 2001, a US spy plane was keeping an eye in places were China prepares its military practices on detection when the plane was captivated the pilot was instructed to land the plane by Chinese fighter jet but the US spy plane denied the fact. This lead to an air crash that caused the death of the Chinese fighter plane pilot and a massive blast of the fighter plane in the air.

The American plane had made an emergency landing at the base of southern China in Hainan Island. A similar incident has occurred in the past.

Trump provokes that the Chinese state media and leaders of China want the victory of Joe Biden the former president of the US to win the elections but this would lead China to control our country and record-setting stock markets would crash due to Chinese products sale in the US.  So Trump is preparing for war before the election 2020 in the US and stop the victory of Biden in the election.
The reaction of China :
China has shown a aggressive reaction on the entry of US spy plane intrusions .
 China has launched 2 missiles DF (aircraft - carrier killer missile )from the northern and western provinces of Zhejiang Province e of East .
 These missiles launched for targeting spy plane entry in South sea of China .

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