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Wrestler Ritika Phogat commits sucide. 

Ritika phogat , COUSIN of the 'DANGAL' duo , commits sucide after losing a match . 
Wrestler Ritika Phogat commits sucide.

In a very shocking incident , Wrestler Ritika Phogat has committed sucide on Thursday , 18th March . Ritika, is cousin of the famous Dangal sisters, Geeta and Babita Phogat . Ritika (17)  was playing the State level - sub junior , junior  women and men Wrestling Tournament . Ritika lost the match on 14th March by just 1 point . She committed sucide by hanging herself from the ceiling . 

The main reason behind the sucide is still unkown , however it is speculated that her loss in the tournament because of only 1 point may be the reson behind this Sucide . 

Vijay Kumar Singh  tweeted " terrible news that we ;lost Ritika Phogat who had a brilliant career ahead . The world has changed from where it was some decades ago. Athletes  are facing pressures which were not there earlier . An essenrial part of their training should be to deal with these pressure ".

This is indeed a very sad incident and Ritika had an entire career ahead of her . However ,  No official statements have been given by either of the Phogat sisters . 

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