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Courses that will create job opportunities for you. 

Online courses can help you improve your resume and get a job.

Courses that will create job opportunities for you.

Online courses can help you learn a new skill or master any skill. The benefits of these online courses are that students can prepare from their home and also receive certifications and create opportunities for themselves.

Job placement season is round the corner and students might have started building their resume. A resume is the first impression and it signifies a student's capabilities and talent. A good resume will reflect a student's image and can help the student grab his opportunity and claim the job. A good resume must contain mentions about the courses completed by a student. These will definitely help the student have good impressions of the Interviewer/Head. Moreover these online courses also handover certificates to students on successful completion of the course. This can prove to be beneficial in many aspects.

Jobs in the I.T industry mostly consist of web development, app development and coding. So courses like Web Development, Android Development, Python, Java, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and many such courses. These are some paid courses available on the internet. Acadboost is one of the websites which will provide you with these courses at very minimal rates. Unacademy is another app where students can invest for programming purposes. 

Jobs for marketing might need a degree, but some courses in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Digital Marketing would definitely give you a head start. Again, acadboost will provide you with these courses. Also, there are some websites like Mycaptian who have collaborated with Filtercopy for the Marketing course and provide with certificates and an internship opportunity based on the students performance. 

Jobs for multimedia purposes of social media handling, graphic designing, content writing, photography etc. might require prior experience but certifications of Graphic Designing course, social media handling course will definitely give you an extra edge over others. 

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