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Interesting Facts about The Taj Mahal , we bet you din't know !

Living in India , we all have heard about The Taj Mahal, today we bring you interesting facts about this beautiful Monument .
Interesting Facts about The Taj Mahal , we bet you din't know !

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh , India and is one of the seven wonders of the World .  Mugal Emperor , Shah Jahan built this in the loving memory of wife , Mumtaz Mahal .Today , we bring you Interesting facts about this Monument and what makes it special . 

1. Bill Clinton , 42nd President of the USA, visited Taj and his words after visiting the Taj was there are only two types of People on Earth , one who have seen the Taj and one who haven't .

2. While it is assumed that Shah Jahan ,  ripped off the hands of the workers , there is no proof of the same . It can be possible that the King paid a lot of money to the workers and framed a contract that they will never built another Monument like this .

3.To bring special jews and marbles from Foreign Countries , one thousand Elephants were used to do the Transpotation . 

4. The Architect of Taj is still unkown , it is assumed a team of 37 architects from different parts of the World designed this Monument .

5.Shah Jahan wanted to make a Black Taj Mahal for himself , but before he could do that he was caged by Aurangzeb . There is no legit proof for the same .

6.There are many replicas of Taj Mahal around the World . 

7.It took 22 years to complete The Taj Mahal .

8.When Shah Jahan was caged by his own son , he was asked for a wish and Shah Jahan requested that , he should be caged in a place from where he could see the Taj directly , he even died watching the Taj .

9.The designer of the Taj is still unknown , but it is assumed 37 different Arcitects formed a team to make the design of the Taj .

10. There are no lights in the Taj Mahal , government tried to lighten the Taj but failed . Taj shines from the lights of the moon during dark.

Which Fact suprised you the most ?

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