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JEE Mains and Advanced, Books to be referred. Check out the best books!!

Books specifically for JEE are different for different purposes. 

JEE Mains and Advanced, Books to be referred. Check out the best books!!
Books for JEE Mains and Advanced mentioned on various websites would be different. But here's a list of the best books to refer

JEE Mains and Advanced, the toughest exams of India as they are considered, have a wide variety of books available. The exam has intense competition, for admission in the best Institutes across India and every student preparing for the exam always prefers the best available sources for preparation. Books play a key role in the preparation of the examination as the JEE Mains exam has a wide variety of topics covered. The examination not only tests the student's knowledge but also tests his problem-solving skills with an unimaginable variety of questions. Here are some books which will definitely help you improve your problem solving ability and clear your concepts as well.

1. H.C.Verma  for Physics : This book is considered to be the best book for clearing basic concepts of physics. The variety of problems available will definitely help students clear their concepts and get acquainted with physics.

2. D.C.Pandey for Physics (JEE Advanced) : This book covers a lot more in-depth theory and questions mainly focused on JEE Advanced. The book contains variety of Multiple Choice questions which will definitely help students to prepare for JEE Advanced. 

3. Cengage Publications for Mathematics : Cengage publications have 5 different parts divided for different topics. Maths is widely spread subject with a numerous concepts, theorems, proofs and questions. Cengage publications focuses on both the exams JEE Mains and Advanced and thus can prove to be a great package for students. 

4. NCERT for Chemistry : Every JEE topper will suggest to refer NCERT for chemistry. NCERT 11th and 12th Chemistry textbooks cover In depth topics and also have some great question making concepts covered. If NCERT is followed thoroughly by the student, then there are high chances that the student will find chemistry easy.

5. Handbook by Arihant Publications (All three subjects) : This handbook by arihant publications consists all formulas and concepts in short. It is so far the best book for revision. Last Minute revision can be helpful if covered from these handbook as they also consider examples which will help students get better understanding. 

All these books would definitely help to achieve your target for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

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