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Namath Basai: Teaching tribal with their mother tongue, Kerala

The Kerala government has launched a unique teaching pattern for tribal children with their mother tongue.
Namath Basai: Teaching tribal with their mother tongue, Kerala
Namath Basai, Government of India 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been shut down of school and college across, online classes are the only source of education for children. Students have started enjoying the new scheme launched in which the tribal students would study their mother tongue languages so as to avoid the school dropout in tribal regions.

This program was implemented by Samagra  Shiksha Kerala and this scheme succeeded in retaining more than hundreds of tribal children in their online classes for making them feel at their homes with the language instructor. 

This offers pre-recorded classes through a YouTube channel in the three tribal languages Kurumba tribe, Irular tribe, and Muduka. It aims at improving school effective Ness measures in terms of equal opportunities for schooling and equitable learning outcomes. Teaching tribal students have reduces dropouts which were occurring in 197 hamlets.

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