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In todays scenario most of the Indian students mis judge , !! Is italy is safe and fulfils all the requirements for higher study? I am here to clear their doubts regarding study in italy or not.


Higher studies in european country like "Italy".

scholarship and accomodation for study in Italy.

needs and requirements for study.

Italy, a European country that has not only left a powerful mark on western culture and cuisine but has also made a great impact on studying abroad for Indians, making it a trusted education destination. Italy has countless ground-breaking developments, seeing advances in politics, finance, business, engineering, philosophy, science, architecture, and creativity. If Indians wish to pursue studying in Italy then they have made the right choice, as universities which are in Italy are ranked among the top 100-200 universities in the world. The first basic questions that come to everyone's mind, what language do they prefer in colleges? the language barrier is there but not in colleges, as 40% of students who come from abroad for studying in Italy speaks English so their government or private university teaches in English. Accommodation and living for Indians are very suitable and they may get scholarships from the university if they score well in their exams. Since Italy is interconnected to many other countries in Europe so students may have a chance to explore and visit different countries and obtain knowledge of the different languages, cultures, and livelihoods.
Now the final question that comes to mind is how much they charge in tuition fees? I will clear your point that on average tuition fees ranges between 0-5000 euro/academic year. So, at last, I will conclude that if you get opportunities to study in Italy then go for it. 


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