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All you need to know about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's controversial relationship.

Both started their relationship back in 2012 but are still having hearings in court due to their allegations on each other.
All you need to know about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's controversial relationship.
Recently in 2021 Johnny Depp was called for his hearing in court.

Here's a finished timelile of their wild relationship. 

In 2009, Depp met Heard on the arrangement of 'The Rum Diary' 

Depp featured as Paul Kemp, a writer who accepts a position in Puerto Rico in "The Rum Diary" — dependent on Hunter S. Thompson's book of a similar name. Thompson was Depp's genuine companion and symbol. 

Heard played Chenault — a lady drew in to another man — who Kemp is promptly stricken with when he sees her. 

Heard told Vogue in 2011: "Working with Johnny was torment. It was superior to I at any point envisioned, which is truly saying something." 

Depp and Heard were dating by mid 2012  

In a court documenting, Heard composed that she and Depp started dating "around the finish of 2011 or the beginning of 2012." It was additionally in 2012 that Depp and long-term accomplice Paradis openly reported their detachment following 14 years of dating. Depp had two youngsters with Paradis: Lily-Rose (brought into the world in 1999) and John Christopher (2002). 

Heard split up with accomplice Tasya van Ree simultaneously. USA Today revealed that Heard was captured in 2009 on a charge of genuinely attacking then-sweetheart van Ree at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. The two got into a conflict after Heard supposedly got and hit van Ree's arm. 

All charges were dropped, notwithstanding, with van Ree herself saying that Heard was "unfairly" blamed by cops who "misjudged and over-sensationalized" the occurrence. 

In 2014, Heard was spotted wearing a wedding band 

Individuals magazine announced that Depp and Heard were locked in after an image arose of the entertainer wearing a luxurious wedding band. 

Depp himself appeared to affirm the commitment in a video meet with The Daily Mail, subsequent to examining wedding arranging and bringing up that he was wearing "a chick's ring" on his finger. 

"It's likely an obvious hint, right? Not unobtrusive," Depp said. 

In 2015, Depp and Heard wedded in a private function 

Following quite a while of dating, Depp and Heard wedded in an exceptionally private service in their home in LA, with People detailing photographs. 

Later in 2015, Depp and Heard penetrated Australia's biosecurity laws after they neglected to proclaim their canines (Yorkshire terriors) when they showed up in the country. They delivered an expression of remorse video together. 

In 2016, Heard petitioned for legal separation from Depp and blamed him for actual maltreatment 

On May 23, 2016, Heard petitioned for legal separation from Depp and furthermore got a transitory limiting request against the Oscar-assigned entertainer. She affirmed that Depp had genuinely manhandled her during their relationship, and said it was typically while affected by medications or liquor. 

She asserted that at the hour of seeking legal separation, an episode had as of late occurred in which Depp tossed his telephone at her, leaving her with a wounded face. Nonetheless, a police representative revealed to People that an examination concerning the homegrown occurrence radio call tracked down that no wrongdoing had occurred. 

Depp denied these allegations and through his delegates said Heard was "endeavoring to get an untimely monetary goal by charging misuse." 

A $7 million settlement was connected of court on August 16, 2016 

Heard affirmed after swearing to tell the truth at a statement, however a settlement was in the long run reached after she pulled out her solicitation for an abusive behavior at home controlling request. She additionally repealed her spousal help solicitation of $50,000 every month. 

Depp and Heard likewise delivered a joint explanation, saying: "Our relationship was strongly enthusiastic and on occasion unpredictable, however consistently limited by affection. Neither one of the parties has made bogus complaints for monetary profit." 

It proceeded: "There was never any aim of physical or passionate mischief." 

Heard got $7 million from the separation yet gave it to good cause, as indicated by People. 

In 2017, the separation was finished.

Amber Heard petitioned for legal separation in 2016. Getty Images 

Depp and Heard's separation was finished a year after Heard recorded. Heard kept the canines that were at the focal point of the 2015 outrage wherein the couple neglected to proclaim the creatures in Australia. In the interim, Depp held sole ownership, all things considered, remembering his private island for the Bahamas, just as his assortment of exemplary vehicles and bikes. 

The Hollywood Reporter detailed that a non-trashing proviso was embedded into the settlement that forestalled either party from saying anything negative about the prominent relationship and separation. 

In December 2018, Heard composed an opinion piece for The Washington Post saying she was mishandled 

Amber Heard homegrown maltreatment 

Heard claims that Depp actually manhandled her. The Sun UK 

Heard composed an opinion piece for The Washington Post in which she talked about the treatment of ladies in homegrown maltreatment cases. 

In the opinion piece, Heard expressed: "I turned into a well known individual addressing homegrown maltreatment, and I felt the full power of our way of life's fierceness for ladies who stand up." 

Depp himself was never referenced by name. 

In 2019, Depp sued Heard for $50 million for maligning over the WaPo article 

The suit said that Heard "isn't a casualty of homegrown maltreatment, she is a culprit," and rejected that Depp at any point mishandled her. All things being equal, the suit said that Heard's charges were essential for an "detailed lie to create positive exposure" for the entertainer. 

Depp's legal counselors said: "The opinion piece relied upon the focal reason that Ms. Heard was a homegrown maltreatment casualty and that Mr. Depp executed abusive behavior at home against her." 

In a court documenting that endeavored to excuse Depp's slander suit, Heard itemized different examples of supposed maltreatment that she said happened during their marriage and alluded to him as "the Monster," per Variety. 

Depp has guaranteed that Heard had illicit relationships with James Franco and Elon Musk. 

Heard asserted that she actually had scars on her arms and feet from an episode where Depp supposedly tossed her through a ping pong table and hauled her through broken glass. 

The suit is as yet progressing in the US. 

In 2020, telephone chronicles were delivered in which Heard confessed to 'hitting' Depp 

In January, telephone accounts got by the Daily Mail were delivered. In these chronicles, Heard confessed to "hitting" Depp. 

Heard will be heard saying: "I'm heartbroken that I didn't ... hit you across the face in a legitimate slap, however I was hitting you, it was not punching you. Darling, you're not punched. 

"I don't have the foggiest idea what the movement of my genuine hand was, yet you're fine, I didn't hurt you, I didn't punch you, I was hitting you." 

In the mean time, Depp said in the chronicle: "I left the previous evening. Truly, I commit to you since I just couldn't take the possibility of greater genuineness, more actual maltreatment on one another. 

"Since had we proceeded with it, it would have gotten f - ing terrible. What's more, infant, I disclosed to you this once. I'm terrified to death we are a f - ing crime location at the present time," Depp proceeded. 

Heard answered: "I can't guarantee you I will not get physical once more. God, I f - ing once in a while get so distraught I lose it." 

On July 7 2020, the three-week defamation preliminary started 

Depp battled News Group Newspapers, the distributer of The Sun, in court over a 2018 article in which they considered him a "tank top" regarding Depp and Heard's previous marriage. Depp sued both the distributer and The Sun's leader proofreader Dan Wootton for defamation. 

Johnny Depp shows up at the High Court in London, Thursday, July 9, 2020. Johnny Depp is back in the observer box for a third day at the preliminary of his defamation suit against a newspaper paper that considered him a "tank top." Depp is suing News Group Newspapers, distributer of The Sun, and the paper's leader editorial manager, Dan Wootton, over an April 2018 article that said he'd truly mishandled ex Amber Heard. He unequivocally denies truly hitting Heard.

Johnny Depp shows up at the High Court in London, Thursday, July 9, 2020. Johnny Depp is back in the observer box for a third day at the preliminary of his criticism suit against a newspaper paper that considered him a "tank top." Depp is suing News Group Newspapers, distributer of The Sun, and the paper's leader proofreader, Dan Wootton, over an April 2018 article that said he'd genuinely mishandled ex Amber Heard. He firmly denies truly hitting Heard. 

Ryder and Paradis both gave articulations with all due respect. 

Ryder expressed: "The possibility that he is an amazingly brutal individual is the farthest thing from the Johnny I knew and adored. I can't fold my head over these allegations." 

In the interim, Paradis composed that Heard's allegations are "nothing similar to the genuine Johnny I have known, and from my own insight of numerous years, I can say he was never fierce or harmful to me." 

The preliminary started toward the beginning of July, and kept going three weeks. Depp asserted that Heard pooed in his bed and punched him, which Heard denies. Depp likewise blamed Heard for having extra-conjugal issues with James Franco and Elon Musk, which Heard additionally denies. 

Heard, then, blamed Depp for actually mishandling her, and has likewise blamed him for tossing a telephone at her face, which she says left her wounded. Moreover, Hear said that Depp took steps to slaughter her on a few events. 

On November 2 the court managed against Depp in the slander preliminary  

A quarter of a year after the blockbuster preliminary started, Judge Mr Justice Nicol decided that The Sun was right in announcing that Depp was fierce towards his ex Amber Heard. 

In arriving at his decision, Nicol alluded to 14 separate episodes that The Sun's legal advisors refered to legitimize considering Depp a "undershirt." 


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