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Home Remedies to keep your Skin Healthy !

The cosmetic world is a very expensive world , we bring you home remedies which will help you keep your skin healthy for a lon time .

This article will save you a lot of money . We bring you Home remedies , which will not cost you alot and will also help in keeping your skin healthy . 


Ice hich is easily available in your house , is very good for your skin . You can either take 10 Ice Cubes in a bowl and add water in it and dig your face for 15 seconds , thrice or you can take one ice cube and rub it on your face .


Mix aloe vera get and hot water and try taking steam from a streamer or if you don't own a streamer then you can take hot water in a bowl and add aloe vera in it , dip your face , but don't touch it with water as your skin will burn , feel the steam and cover yourself with a towel .


Rubbing your face with tomatoes helps in keeping skin natural , Cut one tomato , and rub your face with the half of it everyday for better results .

4. MILK 

Mixing Milk and turmeric power and making a paste is a great idea . You can keep this paste in the fridge too . Apply this everyday to get better results. 


Orange peel is very good when it comes to skin . Peel the orange and let it dry . After one day , grind them together along with curd and turmeric and aplly on your face daily .

If any of these causes any kind of itching on your face , you muist stop immediately.

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