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Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Bit coin and other crypto currencies offer us economic freedoms that other systems cannot. Transfers that take a few minutes to...

Bit coin and other crypto currencies offer us economic freedoms that other systems cannot. Transfers that take a few minutes to be confirmed and a protocol secured by cryptography are the foundations of an ecosystem that has been constantly growing in the last 7 years.

Much has been said about the benefits of a decentralized currency, but today we will review the possibilities offered in the field of finance, economic freedom and trading.

Fiat refers to the traditional money used by a country, in fact, paper money has no intrinsic value, but is based on the confidence that the citizen places on the monetary authority of the country in which the ticket is issued. Previously the dollar was supported by gold reserves, this means that the American citizen could claim the equivalent in gold of the dollars given.

What platforms exist to buy or trade Bit coins and other crypto currencies?

Bit coin offers possibilities that simply did not exist before. A practical example of this is the fact that previously the only way to access and negotiate stock assets were to have a bulky bank account in a broker. With Bit coin, this is not the case since there are platforms that allow the small investor to enter into international markets.

When investing and taking advantage of fluctuations in the price of Bit coin and other crypto currencies such as Ethereal and Lit coin, services such as those offered by Bitfinex can be used .

Bitfinex is a platform in which users can sell, buy and exchange pairs of currencies, now the web allows Selling or Buying Bit coins, Lit coins or Ethers for US dollars, additionally you can do margin trading .

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