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The CDS supported reforms in public sector defense undertakings.

700% increase in India's defense exports
The CDS supported reforms in public sector defense undertakings.
CDS General Bipin Rawat) has appealed to renew the Public Sector Defense Undertakings (PSUs) and Ordnance Factories of the country.

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday appealed for the renewal of the country's public sector defense undertakings (PSUs) and ordnance factories. It aims to improve their work culture and enhance quality.

Addressing a seminar on defense exports, CDS also endorsed 'careful consideration' of India to improve the distribution of defense expenditure in the future, saying that a realistic analysis of expenditure must be made for the appropriate use of resources should be done. He said that India should also get out of 'threatening sanctions' or relying on a particular nation for its military needs.
He said this while pointing out the difficulties involved in purchasing equipment from countries facing sanctions. In October 2018, India signed a five billion dollar (about 37 thousand crore rupees) deal with Russia to buy five units of the air defense missile system S-400. India did this, not caring about the warnings of the US Trump administration.
General Rawat said that through the reforms initiated by the government to promote domestic production of military goods, the stage has been set for the rapid growth of domestic industry. We need to renew our Ordnance Factories and other Defense PSUs in terms of modernization, their work culture and quality control.

General Rawat said that there is also a part of such old equipment in our military fleet which will have to be brought under modernization scheme in the coming decades. They can be exported to countries that need such things to protect themselves by installing some new parts

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