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The Tax Agency puts bitcoin, Amazon and Deliveroo in its spotlight

The Tax Agency has been putting the network on the digital economy for years to ensure that new businesses tax...

The Tax Agency has been putting the network on the digital economy for years to ensure that new businesses tax like any establishment and the web does not serve as a slit for fraud. In the guidelines of this year’s Tax Control Plan, published in the BOE , the Treasury sets as one of its priorities “the tax incidence of new technologies, such as” blockchain “-the encryption that ensures the security of digital currency-, and, especially, the crypto currencies. The novelty this year is that, beyond possible user fraud, will monitor “the use by organized crime of the deep Internet, or ” deep web ” , for trafficking and trade in all types of illicit goods, as well as employment of crypto currencies type ” bitcoin “”or similar as means of payment”.

To combat money laundering by these means, the Treasury will promote new technologies for research and data analysis. In monitoring payments, the Treasury will also pay special attention to “electronic purses” and “instant transfers” such as Bizum or Twyp or the new immediate transactions between banks that will begin in November, at a time when “card payments have exceeded volume of cash withdrawals from ATMs.

The Tax Agency will scrutinize all kinds of electronic businesses. In addition to «digital economy modes in the rental or transport sectors, such as Airbnb or Cabify , the Treasury will also try to ensure that customers and service providers and goods of the so-called «gig economy» pay for it. This concept encompasses the works offered through the web. Specifically, the Treasury announces control actions on “those manufacturers or service providers that market their goods or services through the Internet, to detect the possible existence of fraudulent schemes constituted with patterns created to defraud”. From sellers of valuable goods by Walla pop to you tubers , passing through drivers inUber or tenants on Airbnb : to all of them, the Treasury watches over them and will send notices or letters to declare their income.

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