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COVID-19 cases in India reaches another spike with over 60,000 cases confirmed today

COVID-19 cases in India today has reached an all-time high of over 60,000 which got the tally of the confirmed cases to 23,29,639

COVID-19 cases in India reaches another spike with over 60,000 cases confirmed today


New Delhi: COVID-19 cases in India have reached a record with over 61,252 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the last 24 hours. The cases took the tally of the COVID-19 cases to over 23 Lakhs with active cases over 6 Lakhs.

This has been a huge spike in the cases of the COVID-19 in the country after a long time. The cases earlier used to be around 50,000 to 55,000 every day from the day before yesterday to the day before. The main reason for the increase in the cases was due to an increased number of tests which has been over 7 Lakhs yesterday which may have been the reason for the spike in cases.

This active case today has been accompanied by 56,461 recoveries. This shows the spike in recovery which was over 47,000 the day before. This brings the overall recoveries to 16,40,021. The increase in cases comes at a time of the unlock 3.0 which has reduced the restrictions to containment zones and clusters where there are a lot of cases and the cases need to be contained.

This can be considered as a loss to the Unlock measures which were taken by the Government of India and also state Governments of several states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, and other states which saw a spike in cases in the last 24 hours.

This can be seen from the official statistics which shows a huge spike in cases in the 10 states of India such as Karnataka, New Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and others.

Several of these states have imposed lockdown measures in the state with the West Bengal Government banning Domestic and International Flights until August 31, 2020. This has been seen as a measure to reduce the number of cases in the state. There need to be such measures taken by the Central Government which can reduce the number of overall cases in India.

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