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Who is a Knee Replacement Surgeon?

Who is a Knee Replacement Surgeon?

Decided to have knee replacement surgery? There are many things you must consider before undergoing knee replacement surgery. An important step in knee surgery is choosing the best knee replacement surgeon. This step may include doing detailed research on knee doctors and knee surgeons.  Searching for a good knee doctor or knee specialist is quite challenging as this task needs a lot of research and referrals. Before selecting your best knee surgeon make sure you know about his experience in different types of knee surgery.

When do you need knee replacement surgery?

If you have failed to respond to other forms of knee pain treatment, knee replacement surgery is an ideal option for you. You will be considered for knee surgery if:

  • You have recurring knee pain.

  • Your pain is critical enough to restrict work, recreation, and everyday activities

  • You have knee stiffness

  • Your knee is unstable/constantly giving away.

  • You have knee deformities like knock-knees or bowlegs

Who can undergo knee replacement surgery?

Before deciding on a particular surgery, your knee surgeon will look at specific indicators to ensure you meet the criteria. An ideal knee surgery candidate should meet the following conditions

  • Overall good health

  • Average or better physical fitness

  • Not overweight

  • Inspired to work through rigorous physical therapy and ReHab

  • Younger in age (under 65)

  • Has support at home for recovery

  • Have deformed joints 

Who is a knee replacement surgeon?

Knee replacement surgeons are orthopedic surgeons who are dedicated to treating patients with severe knee pain, arthritis, and other rheumatic diseases by performing knee replacement surgeries like single knee replacement and total knee replacement. This knee replacement surgeon has advanced training and education to assess, diagnose, and treat simple and complex knee and joint injuries.

Knee surgeries performed by a knee surgeon

  • Knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy

  • Knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty

  • Removal of support implant

  • Knee arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

  • Knee replacement

  • Knee arthroscopy repair of both menisci

  • Repair of femoral shaft fracture

Skills of a knee replacement surgeon

  • Knee replacement surgeons should be physically and mentally sound so that he/she can spend long hours in operation theatres

  • Should have excellent decision-making skills and knowledge about the latest medical advancements.

  • We should understand medical technologies, medical ethics, pharmacology, and physiology.

Qualifications of a knee replacement surgeon

A knee surgeon holds MS in Orthopedics or Diplomate of National Board (DNB-Orth) degree

Diploma and certificate courses:

Master Courses:


Choosing the best knee doctor in Bangalore for knee replacement surgery can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. If you’re interested in a particular knee surgery or knee pain treatment, your knee surgeon and doctor should be open to discussing with you about the risks as well as outcomes of the surgery. If you need guidance in finding the knee replacement surgery cost in Bangalore, get in touch with our healthcare experts. 

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