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 FDA comes up with a new inexpensive​​​​​​​

FDA comes up with a new inexpensive​​​​​​​

Saliva test for COVID-19 detection at home. Succeeding the nasopharyngeal swab test U.S.Food and Drug Authority comes up with a new inexpensive COVID-19 saliva test detection.

A nasopharyngeal swab was a clinical test in which the nasal swab samples were collected from the back of the nose and throat. In this condition experienced clinical practicians were required who would take the swab from the nasal mucosa inserting deep the collection tube. The nasal swab specimen should be disposed of properly . As the patient was eligible for the test if he had signs and symptoms of nasal blockage respiratory diseases and symptoms of SARS-COV2.

This technique was a clinical practice and required an experienced clinician to perform the test. There were changes in severe accidents which included breakage of the nasal septum or excessive insertion.

The saliva test includes the collection of the saliva sample in a container by making the patient spit. Then the sample collected is put in the machine for the saliva test and detected. Patients generally have a fear of interaction and resulting in covid19 during this pandemic situation. This feature is generally irrational in the case of the newly launched saliva test. This test was developed by Andrew Brooks in the USA.

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