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BMC about to launch an AI-Based Voice Analysis for COVID-19 Patient Detection

BMC about to launch an AI-Based Voice Analysis for COVID-19 Patient Detection: Created by students of Navi Mumbai Engineering college
BMC about to launch an AI-Based Voice Analysis for COVID-19 Patient Detection

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will start using the voice sampling method to diagnose COVID-19 . It is a pilot basis app based tool which would be soon introduced in the different hospitals by explaining the procedure of using the AI-based app to find the persons covid-19 detection . 

• The project primarily aims in covering 1,000 patients of both the sides like the suspected patients and confirmed patients which would provide voice application assistance to the people about a clear range of idea of difference . 

• Voice analysis was earlier used by European nations , including France and Italy to detect Covid-19 . Web scraper which would allow in detailing the total no of cases across the world and also ensuring detecting the virus their is generally an effect in the voice by the attrition of voice .

• Voice Sounds of covid-19 on lung sounds:

• In a study described 138 patients with covid-19 detection having pneumonia in wuhan , the most common clinical features at the onset of the illness were 

• Fever in 99%

• Fatigue in 70%

• Dry cough in 59%

• Anorexia in 40%( loss of appetite)

• Myalgia in 35%( pain in muscles )

• Dyspnea in 31% ( upper abdominal discomfort)

• Sputum production in 27% ( mucus coughing in the lower airways ) 

• Breath sounds observed are clear and fast  and as the disease progresses wheezing is heard in the breath sounds it can be of low or high pitched regarded as expiratory wheezing . 

• In cases after 7 days fine crackles (rales ) and bronchial breath sounds are heard with high pitched posting sound . Branchial sounds observed are low pitch, tubular , hollow on detection .  In extreme severe conditions the breath sounds hears appear as sounds as distant breath sounds accompanied by course rales ( abnormal ratling sound heard in unhealthy lungs and diffuse Rhonchi ( sounds developed due to movement of air ) . Wheezing is generally high pitched sound heard in narrowed airways . 

• Hence forth this app comes up with preloaded with thousand of voice patterns . If the pilot showed promise , than MCGM( Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai ) plans would use the program in the different hospitals  . In the process, the civic body will follow up the voice analysis with the RT PCR test-the gold standard for Covid-19 pandemic detection and his would help the nation in the cure of the lockdown and cure mental sickness at the home and abolish work from home and people would be allowed to move out to work places in a safe and secure way .

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