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 Follow these tips to deal with asthma in winter

Follow these tips to deal with asthma in winter
Winter has arrived and it is necessary for asthma patients to protect themselves and to prevent their condition from worsening. Do you have trouble breathing during most of the winter? Do you constantly cough when the climate gets cold? This is because cold and dry weather can cause irritation in one's airways and lead to respiratory tract infections. People with asthma can face a lot of challenges during these cold months.

Important tips to manage asthma during winter:

Make sure your house is clean, dry and cold: Try to keep your house clean from time to time. See to it that dust and dirt are taken care of properly. Try to opt for exhaust fan in bathroom and kitchen. If there is any leakage in the house, then you have to come up with an appropriate solution to keep the mold away.
Change the bed periodically: Ensure that the mattress, bedsheet and pillow covers are properly washed. Only then will you be able to get rid of the dust mites which are responsible for increasing your condition.

Stay away from pets: Hair and dandruff can be the culprit in ending your asthma. Therefore, it is recommended for you to avoid pets entering the room as it may cause frequent coughs.

Maintain good personal hygiene: To prevent infection, you must wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. This will also prevent germs from entering the mouth.

Take care of your inhaler and medicines: If you have asthma, take care of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Make sure you carry an inhaler wherever you are. Do not leave the house if there is dust and pollen. Also, check that you do not take the medication yourself and only do what your doctor recommends.

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