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Gout Arthritis - Cause, Symptoms, Remedies 

Gout Arthritis - Cause, Symptoms, Remedies
Gout is a metabolic disorder of uric acid found in males more than females, also a very common problem with an increase in age painful and swollen joints. 
It's a Crystal Arthropathy as the sodium urate crystals accumulate in the joints this results in painful swollen joints 
Cause : 
1. obesity 
2. Genetic 
3. Alcoholic 
4. Increase purine diet { sea foods, meat }
5. Males 
  • Normal Concentration :
  •  Males : 3-7mg/dl
  • Females : 2-6mg/dl 
  • Normal Excretion : 
  • 500-700 mg /dl 
Mechanism of Uric acid formation :
AMP forms hypoxanthine, it further forms xanthine by combining with GMP in the presence of the enzyme xanthine oxidase. 
Gout becomes a clinical concern when the excess accumulation of the uric acid results in ureate crystals deposition in joints. 
Classification : 
1. Primary gout: Inborn-error of metabolism, overproduction of uric acid, increase the amount of Xanthine Oxidase, Increase in AMP &GMP.
2. Secondary Gout: various diseases caused syn and secretion of gout which results in the increased levels of uric acid in the blood and the excretion falls down. 
Deposits in :
  • Knees
  • Ankle
  • Wrist 
  • Joints 
  • Ear  
Treatment of Gout : 
A drug named Allopurinol is used for its treatment which is a structural analogue of the enzyme Xanthine Oxidase and it results in the formation of Alloxanthine and inhibits its action this results in a decrease in the production of Uric acid so does it decreases its production in the body. 
Remedies : 
1. Take a lukewarm water , add one table spoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar to its . Repeat the same for twice daily . 
Apple cider helps in fighting inflammatory areas in the joints and with lukewarm water the effects are multiplied.
2.Take 1 table spoon of Fenugreek powder add 1 pinch of turmeric and 1 tbl spoon of luke warm water to it then add the mixture to lukewarm water. Stir well . Repeat Twice daily . 
3. Drink warm water with baking soda . Continue till twice a week find better results . 
4. Regular consumption of Vitamin C helps to reduce uric acid levels in the blood . Sources- Lemon, citrus foods,L-ascorbic acid  50g.
5. Excess Fiber intake reduces the levels of uric acid 
6. Drink plenty of water approx 2L per day . 
7. Avoid meats and sea foods as they are the prime sources of Uric acid in the body .

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