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What do you do if you are diagnosed with Arthritis? What do you need to know?

What do you do if you are diagnosed with Arthritis? What do you need to know?

Ashika’s general physician has referred her to a knee doctor in Bangalore, a specialist in disorders of the joints and knees because she has been complaining of extreme knee pain, inflammation and stiffness. Adding on, her energy levels were also less and she struggled to walk, jog, or even do simple household chores. After carrying out several blood tests and physical examinations, her knee specialist in Bangalore gives out the reason for her excruciating knee pain-It’s ARTHRITIS! Before undergoing her arthritis treatment, Ashika made sure that she understood everything about arthritis and its treatment. And, so far she has been able to control her arthritis without any complications.

So, what is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a progressive musculoskeletal disorder characterized by gradual loss of cartilage in joints which results in stiffness, pain, and impaired movement. Arthritis mostly affects the joints in the knees, hips, hands, feet, and spine

Politicalkeeda has come up with a list of things that you should know before beginning your arthritis treatment. Leave aside your misconceptions about Arthritis

There is a myriad of misconceptions regarding arthritis, some of these can leave you distraught and tense throughout your treatment cycle. One of the most popular misconceptions about Arthritis is that only old age people get it. Arthritis can affect anyone at any age, even children are susceptible to it and develop a juvenile type of arthritis. 

Another biggest misconception is -many claim that arthritis has permanent treatment and is completely curable. Arthritis has no definitive treatment and cure, it can only be managed with a healthy lifestyle and treatment. It is important to avoid smoking, exercise in moderation, and maintain a healthy weight to manage the symptoms of arthritis.

Expect a roller coaster ride with Arthritis

Pain and stiffness in the knee is a part of Arthritis, and if you are going to begin your knee pain-be prepared to have both good and bad days during your treatment cycle. Your knee doctors can’t get you a miracle and vanish your knee pain completely. They can guide and treat you in a way that can help you gain better control of your condition. However, once you begin your Arthritis treatment your knee pain will considerably reduce. 

Avoid self-treatment and medication at any cost

Self-treatment and medication can be extremely dangerous for your life. Taking pain relievers for knee pain and joint stiffness without proper consultation might give you short relief but in the long run, these medicines can aggravate your symptoms and even pose a threat to your life. Hence, it is extremely important to be under the consultation of your knee doctor for appropriate treatment. 

Consult with a well-known knee doctor

If the internet is quenching your thirst for knowledge, it is also giving you quacks selling snake oil. You don’t want to be the one drowning in a pool of misleading information and fake reviews. To get started, start asking your friends and family for their recommendations and referrals. Once you know the names of the knee doctors referred by your closed ones, take the time out to deep dive into the doctors’ credentials and experience on various healthcare forums and platforms. It is one of the effective ways to screen your desired knee doctor or orthopedic doctor before booking an appointment.

We hope you find some of these tips helpful. Feel free to drop a comment below if there is something you think we have missed that should have been included.

Choosing the best knee doctor in Bangalore for knee replacement surgery can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. If you’re interested in a particular knee surgery or knee pain treatment, your knee surgeon and doctor should be open to discussing with you the risks as well as outcomes of the surgery. 

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