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Best Hospital For Cancer Treatment In Canada

This article is based on the best hospitals which are around for cancer treatment in Canada.

Best Hospital For Cancer Treatment In Canada

This article is based on the best hospitals which are around for cancer treatment in Canada.

Canada and Cancer:

Canada a country that is famous for maple syrup, hockey, and bitter cold winter. The Canadians have a very good health outcome and every one of them have a primary doctor. The overall healthcare quality is Canada is still high compared to other countries. Cancer a global curse fought by the mankind. With an estimated number of 225,800 people of Canada are expected to be diagnosed with cancer by this year.

Nearly 1 out of 2 of the country’s population is expected to get diagnosed with cancer once in their lifetime. It is also said that 30% death of Canadians are caused by cancer.

There are several hospitals throughout Canada which take utmost care to its patient. In this article, let’s take a look at the best cancer treatment institute in the country.


The Princess Margaret center is considered to be one of the best cancer treatment institutes in the world. It is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is also the largest cancer institute in Canada and also one of the largest cancer institute in the world. It was founded as the Ontario cancer institute in the year 1952 and was designed by the architect Henry Sproatt. It has 220 bed capacity and it is under royal patronage of Anne, Princess Royal.


610, University Ave,


ON M5G 2C1, Canada.


North York general hospital at Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue was opened in the year 1968. There are 410 acute care beds and 192 long term care beds in this hospital. It primarily serves the North York region and also the southern York region. The Cancer program in this institute provides treatment for various types of cancers, including colon, prostate, gynecological, breast and urinary. The waiting time before surgery are the least for the North York hospital with other hospitals in Ontario.


4001 Leslie Street,

North York,

ON M2K 1E1, Canada



Odette Cancer Center is situated at the Sunnybrook health center, which is one of the best hospitals around Canada. The hospital is dedicated for patient information and education along with personalized care which helps them to be a part of decision making. It provides treatment and diagnostic services for different types of cancer including bone- related cancers, Cancer of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal cancers, gynecological cancer, cancer of the head and neck, skin cancer, thoracic cancer and breast cancer.


T-wing 2075 Bayview Avenue TG 260,


ON M4N 3M5, Canada.


It is a comprehensive cancer center for the region of Northern Alberta for cancer prevention and treatment in Canada. The institute provides medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology services along with providing experimental oncology treatments. The treatment approach is based on laboratory - guided research and it is delivered along with principle of evidence – based treatment for cancer.  Molecular oncology, cellular oncology, radiobiology, chemotherapy and imaging are the expert areas in the field of oncology, immunology and hematology.


11560 University Ave,


AB T6G 1Z2, Canada.


The hospital has proudly serving the community of east Toronto since 1929. One of the major health of the hospital is its highly functioning oncology and hematologic clinic, which combines different treatment approaches based on the needs of the patient. The inpatient chemotherapy options at the hospital includes intravenous and oral chemotherapy and transfusion. Family – centered care is one of the prime focuses of the hospital and it also has a 515 bed capacity.


825 Coxwell Ave,

East York,

ON M4C 3E7, Canada.


This institute is a unit of McGill University Health Centre. The Cedars Cancer Center is one of the most innovative centers dedicated to the treatment of cancer. It encompasses one of the finest care facilities streaming from the Royal Victoria hospital and Montreal General Hospital. Within the center there are dedicated departments for palliative care, urgent care, radio – oncology including 8 linear accelerator bunkers and brachytherapy suites. 


1001 Decarie Blvd,


Quebec H4A 3J1, Canada.


The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Institute is renowned for providing complementary support to patients along with their utmost care and medical treatment. The center recognizes that complimentary therapies can improve quality of life of cancer patients by reducing cancer drug toxicity and its side effects. It also has a potential for improving the immune system and maximizing the natural healing capacity of the body. The major aim of the Ottawa Integrated Center is to improve patient wellness not just after the treatment but also during the procedures. 


29 Bayswater Ave, Ottawa,

ON K1Y 2E5, Canada.

The hospitals mentioned above are world class cancer treatment institutes in Canada. Prevention is better than cure. Let’s all put our hands together and fight to make a Cancer free Canada.

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