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Oxygen shortage in India After CoronaVirus: Complaint by Private and Public Hospitals 

In recent months due to increased demands up to peaks for the oxygen supply due to the demands increase in India , the country is facing a huge shortage of the oxygen supply in India. The private and public hospitals complain about the supply of the oxygen and its un-availability to the state due to its supply in various covid19 installed hospitals as well to the old ones.
Oxygen shortage in India After CoronaVirus: Complaint by Private and Public Hospitals

In the rat race of the countries facing an increasing number of patients during the coronavirus pandemic the county . The USA is the 1st rank in the number cases registered with corona virus-positive and India ranks the 2nd among them but the death rates are lower than the USA & Brazil. 

States have reported the shortage of  Medical Oxygen across the hospitals for the patients. The production and transport of the Oxygen is a risk which has enormously decreased the levels of the oxygen in the state, facing in severe decline for the patients, where patients have to face death due to shortage. 

The key symptoms for the a patient suffering from covid 19 include respiratory illness which is of major concern and needs supply of medical oxygen to fight . Patients suffering from covid19 have been cured with the supply of Oxygen . 
WHO in july 2020 had warned about the shortage of the Oxygen .  Not only India but also many other states have faced this shortage among them USA have compensated the loss with increased emergency production of medical oxygen . 
In India, Maharastra is the COVID-19 prone state of the world which is having a huge surge of loss for medical oxygen . As Maharastra have a lot of populations and so does this is resulting in the increasing demand for the state. 
This state has followed the path of the USA and it has started the installation of emergency Oxygen plants for the state where it is converting Buildings not in use to convert it into plants for the production of medical oxygen.
A similar shortage has been faced by Gujrat, Karnataka, Punjab, Harayana, J&K these states and union territories have also faced a huge loss. Punjab has recently required 10,000 jumbo cylinders for coronavirus pandemic patients and rests patients under ventilation to cure health. Officers have been installed so that the oxygen supply has been focused and sent to the state hospital due to medical emergency. Oxygen supply to the industries has been cut short due to the emergency. 
Central Government has ensured the supply of medical oxygen but the state still faces a shortage due to the rising patients. 

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