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This International Women's Day: How Can Women Take Care Of Their Physical and Mental Health

A reminder to all the women out there to take care of their vehicle, i.e, their body and mind to perform better and with fuller efficiency.
This International Women's Day: How Can Women Take Care Of Their Physical and Mental Health
The importance of eating right, working out, drinking water, mediating and taking breaks in a woman's life.

Let's cut straight to the point: Women regardless of their age must look after their physical and mental health as we always want to be at our A-game at our workplace and at home. So here are a few ways which are not unknown to you. Therefore, all the beautiful ladies reading this, consider this a reminder to keep your body and mind healthy and at peace.

1. Drink warm water with honey in the morning 

Take a glass of warm water, and stir some honey in it. Gulping just a glass of this as soon as you wake up will help you to detox your body. It also helps in losing weight, clears your skin, boosts your immune system, and keeps you rejuvenated the whole day.

2. Exercise at least 3-4 days a week

You may not have much time to exercise every single day but exercising just 3-4 days a week will keep you active throughout the week. 15 minutes of heavy cardio followed by 15-20 minutes of yoga could do wonders for your life.

3. Eat right

This isn't something new but you have to know what kind of vitamins your body needs the most. Because every individual needs different vitamins for themselves. Indian women, mainly, lack vitamin B12 and hence should include eggs, milk, and milk products in their diet.

4. Meditate

Research studies have shown that a person who meditates daily is able to handle a situation of conflict much better than a person who doesn't. Your level of concentration would start rising and your intuitive powers will become better. You'll be able to handle all sorts of situations with much more ease. This asks for just 15 minutes of mediation regularly. The time could increase once you become good at calming your thoughts while meditating.

5. Take breaks

When life gets too much, don't get too hard on yourself. From time to time, your mind asks for some time to rest, some time to prepare itself for a tough week ahead. So take a vacation once in a while, or just treat yourself to a tub of ice cream and a movie at the weekends. After all, you need to catch your breath at the end of the day.

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