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5-Year old raped in Rajasthan in the district of Baran, Accused arrested by the police.

A 5-year-old child was raped in the Baran district of Rajasthan and the accused  Mahavir was arrested by the police  for cross-examination and also for the punishment for the trial

5-Year old raped in Rajasthan in the district of Baran, Accused arrested by the police.

Rajasthan: Another incident of rape happened to a 5-year-old in the Shahbaz area of Baran district in Rajasthan which shook the entire country. The accused was Mahavir who is now held in police custody. The Revelation was done by the 5-year-old to her parents and later when she went to the hospital for treatment and she is currently in a critical condition due to the injuries from the act of rape.

The police station in charge of the Shahbad area Hariprasad Rana said that the case is registered and the accused is held and there will be further investigation of the case. There are no further details available on the intensity of the crime or the accused who was caught.

This case shows the dark side of India as even in the times of a pandemic, there is an attempt to rape a child who wants to live a beautiful life and now she is in a critical condition. This is shameful to Indian humanity as a whole.

The rape has been on the highest even in the last year with over 10-20 rapes and sexual harassment happening every hour which has caused huge distress. Even though there have been laws to reduce rape, there has been no proper implementation that can reduce and completely remove the rape incidents in the future.

There can be several steps that can be taken to reduce the happening of such incidents. First is the requirement of re-visiting Indian culture and teaching the future generation to respect women and treat them as their friends and to reduce dangerous male gazes.

The second step can be to increase sex education in schools which can help people understand what is female and what is male in a different sense. There is also a need for reinventing the thought process of the Indian youth to respect people and also respect other genders.

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