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A surge in Covid-19 cases. The situation out of hand?

According to the Health Ministry of the Centre, there has been a sudden increase in the number of cases leading to fear in the public.
A surge in Covid-19 cases. The situation out of hand?
There was seen a rise of 18,000+ cases in India, on the 7th of March, which had lead to some political debates

The Union Health Ministry confirmed that there were 18,599 new cases of Covid 19 and 97 lost their lives while being affected by the virus. The government has imposed some protocols but there is no ensure if they are being followed or not. There have been lockdown and night curfew imposed in some districts of some states like Maharashtra's Aurangabad. But it is the people who should follow the protocols and ensure their safety. India has already crossed 1 cr. mark in a number of cases, now it's our responsibility, that we don't rise it furthermore.

No individual can forget the period which India has seen just a year ago. Yet, the people are behaving as if the virus has disappeared. There aren't protocols followed by the public and no surveillance is being kept by the local authorities over such people. Carelessness among these can lead to another wave of covid-19 which would be the reason to bring down the economy and lead to many other problems.

Every coin has two sides, so said, on the other side of the rising cases, the number of vaccine doses has crossed 2 crores. There have been vaccination drives started for people who are 45+ and show comorbidities. The drive for the people aged above 60 has already started for a few weeks. Now people have to decide, whether they have to remain safe and take vaccines and prevent themselves from infection or face the nightmare. 


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