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Air India Aircraft  IX 1344 from Dubai smashed at Kozhikode overshooting the runway airport in Kerala

Air India Express Aircraft  IX 1344 from Dubai smashed at Kozhikode overshooting the runway airport in Kerala : At least 14 dead and rest passengers injured
Air India Aircraft  IX 1344 from Dubai smashed at Kozhikode overshooting the runway airport in Kerala

Air India express aircraft from Dubai to Calicut Airport broke into 2 pieces with 191 onboard : 174 passengers ,10 infants and 7 crew members  - 2 pilots and 5 cabin crew members . Plane crashed after overshooting the table top runway and going into the valley after landing at the  airport due to heavy rain . Overshooting the runway means to keep less distance for the plane to settle and to land at a distance far than the main point of landing generally leads to the decrease in the distance which mostly results in crashes due to uncontrollable speed of the jet . 

The airport is a table top plateau airport which generally means a raised or elevated runaway from the land . These types of runaway are more prone to clashes if landing is overshoot which would deliberately cause the plane to triple into the valley and burst into flames if the plane crosses the unpaved spillover area . Airports usually have sand pits here to act as a cushion. Lack of space prevented such a bufferzone here , though it was reported by some officials that it had a sand bed .  These types of runways generally creates an optical illusion which requires a very precise approach by the pilot . Such types of runways are known for their beauty . According to local residents near the airport it has been reported that the flight has fell into 35 feet deep slope . Reports said that the chief pilot of the aircraft - Deepak Vasant Sathe died due to mishap on spot and the condition of the co pilot is  believed to be critical . Mr. Sathe was Ex-Indian airforce flights were tested by him , so an Army jawan has expired from this accident. The cockpit and front door has totally damaged . Our nation has often faced these kind of accidents for years so why is the state not taking strict action to maintain these airports with special care. Some actions should also be taken by the UDAN (Ure Desh ka Aam Naagrik ) a scheme  of the government to maintain these airports with special care . 

“While the reasons for the crash will only come after the inquiry, it seems the plane either would have touchdown very fast and brakes would not have effectively worked upon landing due to rains or the flight would have touched the runway much ahead of the touchdown point and braking would not have been able to stop the aircraft due to heavy rains, as braking is not that effective after rains,” said a senior pilot, who did not want to be identified.

Another said that the plane is not an an old plane and the mechanical problem would have been unlikely.“The plane is 2005-06 make and is finely maintained plane. There is unlikely that the machine failure would have been the reason for the crash,” said another pilot, who has flown the same plane sometime back.

PM Modi speaks to chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan 

PM narendra modi speaks to kerala CM pinarayi Vijayan on phone abt the plane clash in Calicut . The CM has informed the PM that a team of officials including Kozhikode & Malappuram District Colletors & IG Ashok Yadav have been rushed to the airport & are participating in the rescue operation : Kerala CMO

“Have instructed Police and Fire Force to take urgent action in the wake of the plane crash at the Kozhikode International airport (CCJ) in Karipur. Have also directed the officials to make necessary arrangements for rescue and medical support,” Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan tweeted today.

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