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BSF finds illegal movements in border village; MHA confirms.

Trafficking, Narcotics and bond labour gaining spike in these villages.
BSF finds illegal movements in border village; MHA confirms.
BSF provides reports to Home Ministry who orders state government to look after this matter.

The Union home service has requested that the Punjab government investigate charges that ranch laborers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were being dealt to the state and compelled to function as fortified workers. 

The house service's letter, dated March 17, says the Border Security Force (BSF) has featured dealing, opiates misuse and reinforced work in the state, asking the central secretary and the chief general of police to present an activity taken report. News18 has seen a duplicate of the letter. 

It says BSF has outpointed that at any rate 58 individuals have been saved from line towns in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur and Abohar in the course of recent years. 

"Boundary Security Force has educated that they had caught 58 Indian nationals from the line zones of Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur and Abohar in Punjab in the years 2019 and 2020," the letter says. 

During, it was tracked down that the majority of them were either intellectually sick or "in a weak perspective and have been filling in as fortified workers in line towns of Punjab", as per the letter. It adds that these individuals have a place with helpless families in far off territories of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 

The home service has said illegal exploitation organizations are attracting such laborers by promising great pay rates. Yet, they are exposed to cruel treatment and given medications — which impacts their physical and emotional well-being — to ensure that they could work "extended periods in the fields". 

Medication threat in Punjab has been a subject of warmed conversation — a Bollywood film depended on it — even as the police there have dispatched a crackdown crusade. 

"Keeping in see the multi-dimensional tremendousness of the difficult which includes illegal exploitation, reinforced work and basic freedoms infringement, you are mentioned to investigate the matter and take suitable measures to address the significant issue. Activity taken in the matter may if it's not too much trouble, be educated to the service on need," the house service's letter says. 

BSF has given more than a few of those protected to the state police concerned. 

"A significant issue has been featured, and the service is carrying it to the notification of the state government and asking what healing measures have been taken," a home service official told News18. 

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