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Delhi Government bans Festivals !!

The Capital today has issued a notice banning festivals to control COVID-19.
Delhi Government bans Festivals !!

As soon as we  thought that we were moving ahead and leaving Corona behind , seems like we are back to Square one . India is counting the highest number of cases everyday since November . Everyday there is a spike in the Covid cases .  As it is a cause of concern for many reasons , The Central Government has asked all the States to put restrictions and impose heavy fine on those who break the Covid norms. 

The Delhi Government was quick to act on this and has issued a notice saying that Delhi is again under threat of spread of COVID-19 Epidemic , and has considered it necessary to take effective steps to control and prevent its spread . It is anticipated that gatherings , congregations and public celebrations during upcoming festivals like Holi, Shab-e-barat, Navratri may pose a considerable threat of spread of virus and may cause setback to the appreciable gains made in the suppression of chain of transmission of COVID-19 cases in Delhi . Considering this , it has been  decided that  public celebrations and all gatherings during upcoming  festivals should not be allowed in public places . 

It seems like we are repeating 2020 again . We hope that with these restrictions , the cases see a downfall and life goes back to normal again .

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