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Double Mutant Variant of Coronavirus ?

New Variant of COVID-19 , found in India . 
Double Mutant Variant of Coronavirus ?

Seems like Coronavirus is here to stay . Even with Vaccination on roll, the cases are rising each and everday . Indian experienced a downfall in cases but since the begining of March , the cases are on a rise and it is a big cause of worry to the entire world . India , today recorded  47,262 fresh cases , the highest single day since November . The rising cases are an alarm , that we must not forget that the virus is still there and we need to be careful . The restrictions have been uplifted still our satfety is on us , we must never leave our house without proper sanitizer and mask .

While we were worried about the rising cases , The Heahth Ministry said that  a new double mutant variant of the virus  has been found in 18 states in the country , not only this other variants have also been found  which were found abroad . The fact that these new variants are more dangerous or if they spread at a faster rate than normal has not been established yet . The fact that International travel has started may be the reason for these new variants found in India .

The new variants may be a reason for the growing cases in India . Keeping this in mind the government has decided to put more restrictions and has adviced the states to become strict on the Covid rules . Some states are also banning the celebrations of festivals like holi , Easter , Eid- ul- Fitr.

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