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Delhi brings down the legal drinking age from 25 to 21 . 

It's celebration time for the people living in the Capital city , Delhi . Delhi has lowered the legal drinking age from 25 to 21 Years . Everywhere in India , the legal drinking age was 21 except in Delhi , Haryana , Chandigarh  and Kerela which has 23 as the legal drinking age but now  Delhi joins the AGE 21 club . The Deputy Chief Minister , Manish Sisodia on Monday , 22nd March declared that the legal drinking age will come down from 25 to 21 and no new liquor shops will open in the Captial . He added that new liquor sales rule will increase revenue. Government will not run any liquor shops .Government expects a revenue growth of 20 %  after reforms in excise department . It will be made sure that there is equal distribution of liquor ie city and the liquor mafia are thrown out completely . 

Delhi was the only city to have the higest legal drinking age , even other Cities like Bengaluru , Mumbai , Kolkata had 21 as their respective drinking age . Except in Mumbai , legal drinking age for hard liquor is 25 but for drinks like beer etc its 21 . We feel the government must have given some serious thought before making such announcements . Delhi citizens are more than happy after this decision . What is your take on the legal drinking age that India has ?

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