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Highest spike in 2021, covid cases surge in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra records about 16,000 positive cases in the last 24 hours.

Highest spike in 2021, covid cases surge in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is showing a continuous rise in the number of positive cases. The situation needs control.

Maharashtra witnesses 15,817 positive cases across the state, the highest number recorded in India by far in 2021. The state was showing a decline in the number of cases after mid-October. The state authorities were aiming for the cases to drop down to 0, but that never came into reality. The state's tally of total positive cases has reached 22,82,200, the highest among all states in India.  

Authorities have already started taking steps to curb the cases. Night Curfew in Pune, a week's lockdown in Nagpur, movement restrictions in Mumbai, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan-Dombivli. But the public doesn't seem to follow the rules, as fresh cases are arising each day. Pune, Nagpur and Mumbai are the three major centres of the outbreak. The local authorities in Mumbai that is the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation have stated that more cases are foreseen in high rise buildings.

Its high time already where we all need to be back at the routine of taking proper precautions and keep ourselves and the people around us safe. Lockdown was a temporary substitute, but ain't a permanent one. It's us who have to be alert and take necessary steps as and when required. 

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