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HOLI, 2021 cancelled ?

Mumbai won't be celebrating Holi, 2021.
HOLI, 2021 cancelled ?

Corona virus cases are rising everyday in all the parts of the Country . With the rise in cases , government seems to be concerned and is putting  various restrictions . It has become mandatory for everyone to wear masks while they are in any public place , people who are found not wearing masks will be punisshed and reasonable fine will be imposed. Maharashtra , is the worst affected state and Mumbai the worst affected city ,  With more than 3.5K fresh Covid cases arising in Mumbai , BMC has issued guidelines prohibiting the Holi celebrations in Private and Public places on 28th and 29th March , 2021 .

Holi celebrations are always celebrated with great enthusiasm in India . Holi, the festival of Colours is one of the most celebrated festival in India . Holi, is celebrated with lots of people , putting colours on each other and it involes a lot of crowd , keeping  this in Mind BMC has put restrictions on the celebrations of Holi in Mumbai . 

The covid line was going down but now it seems like Corona has made a comeback in March . With cases rising everday , lockdown seems like a probablity . What are your thoughts on Holi being cancelled ?

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