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Independence Day 2020: Preparations, News, Updates From Gov. Officials

Independence Day 2020: Preparations, News, Updates From Gov. Officials

August 15th, 1947 was the first day in the history of India when the Indian Independence Act came into effect after 200 years of fighting for their freedom Indians were finally free. This year 2020 India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day with the coronavirus still on the loose causing many difficulties in holding any celebratory events. Every year Independence Day is commemorated by various celebrations across India. The prime minister attends the Red Fort for a flag-raising installation and delivers a speech addressed to all Indian citizens and this speech is broadcasted nationwide.

Flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs have taken place in governmental and non-governmental institutions throughout the country such as in schools and colleges conduct flag hoisting ceremonies and other cultural events. Major government buildings are often decorated with colorful strings of lights. In Delhi especially and some other cities, kite flying adds to this occasion. National flags of different sizes are used lavishly to express and identify the fidelity to this country by its citizens. Many residents adorn their clothing, cars, household accessories with imitations of the tri-color.

Over time, these celebrations have changed emphasis from nationalism to a wider spectrum of celebration for all things India represents and stands for. 

The Indian diaspora rejoices this day across the world with ceremonies and parades, especially in areas with a higher concentration of Indian settlers. Such as in New York and other US cities, 15 August is recognized as "India Day" amidst the diaspora and the local multitude. 

Unfortunately, this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak there will be a few changes in the plans for Independence Day celebrations. 

Ministry of Health Affairs has recently released the guidelines that have to be followed during the occasion following the precautionary measures taken against the pandemic. Security personnel and executives conduct a fully dressed rehearsal for the Independence Day ceremony at the Red Fort monument during the rainy season in New Delhi, August 13. There were School children cloaked in plastic to keep social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic during a full dress rehearsal of the Independence Day celebrations. In the light of a coronavirus health crisis, armed forces, policemen, battalions were all viewed bearing face masks during all the practices as a precautionary measure. Nevertheless, it is said that the main event will be held only with selected members of the staff and a spectator. The Guard of Honour will be presented to the Prime Minister of India by the Armed Forces and the Delhi Police at the Red Fort. A two yards distance will be maintained between all the guests according to the seating arrangements.

Everyone is looking forward to Prime Minister's speech as on this Narendra Modi usually addresses the important issues of the nation in his Independence Day speeches, Hopefully, most of the focus this year will be on the Coronavirus crisis, facilitating medical help, boosting the economy which was hit hard Covid-19, improvising unemployment issues, Updates on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, relations between India and China, etc.

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