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India records the highest positive cases in 2021. 

India has reported more than 25,000 positive cases in the last 24 hours.

India records the highest positive cases in 2021.

Covid 19 outbreak in India is once again at the forefront. Authorities need to implement some restrictions.

India has reported 25,320 Covid 19 positive cases the highest in 2021. Along with 25,000+ cases, 161 people lost their lives while fighting with it. India currently holds 2,10,544 active cases where as the total count of cases is 1,13,59,048. The number of infections which has been reported in the last 24 hours are the highest after 20th December. The states which hold the maximum number of cases are Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka and Gujarat. Maharashtra is reporting high number of positive cases consistently. The state has also imposed restrictions in some districts and Cities, but the situation still seems to be out of control. 

The surge in cases in India has led to worrying situation in the country. The situation is currently on a rise and the authorities are trying their best to control the outbreak. The people must take responsibility and handle situation at their own personal level. People should take all the precautions and keep themselves safe. 

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