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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold the opening ceremony for Bangladesh-India connecting bridge

50 th Independence day celebration for Bangladesh this year
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold the opening ceremony for Bangladesh-India connecting bridge

The relations between India and Bangladesh improving a lot 

Modi to obtain the Muslim bangladeshi immigrants

This year, denoting the 50th autonomy commemoration of Bangladesh, gives both Dhaka and New Delhi a characteristic chance to bring relations in the groove again. 

As per an Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) proclamation, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi will essentially initiate another extension on the Feni stream streaming between the Indian northeastern territory of Tripura and Bangladesh on March 9. Called Maitri Setu ("companionship connect"), the extension would be one of a few foundation projects in Tripura Modi is planned to initiate that day. As indicated by the MEA,

MEA explanation added. 

The initiation of the new extension and different undertakings sit on top of frantic political commitment between the two nations this year which denotes the 50th commemoration of an autonomous Bangladesh. On March 4, Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had visited Dhaka. A MEA proclamation on the event had noticed, that the visit "follows on the PM-level Virtual Summit held between two nations on December 17, 2020 and will likewise give a chance to check out the advancement in reciprocal relations." 

Among different undertakings Modi is booked to for all intents and purposes kick off on March 9 incorporate establishing the framework stone for an Integrated Check Post at Sabroom which, the MEA claims, will "help facilitate the development of products and travelers between the two nations." The rest of the ventures on Modi's plan include improving availability and foundation inside Tripura.  India's new effort to that nation has additionally included providing 9 million portions of a natively fabricated COVID-19 immunization, 2 million of which was given liberated from cost. Noticing that furnishing Bangladesh with admittance to Indian immunizations was on the plan of Modi's virtual December meeting with the nation's Prime Minister Sheik Hasina said "India has kept the guarantee that it had made." 

A 122-part unforeseen from the Bangladesh military (counting its naval force and flying corps) took part in the Indian Republic Day march in New Delhi on January 26 this year (which was, regardless, foreshadowed by viciousness in the city of the public capital as segments of fighting ranchers went crazy), featuring how much the two sides are excited about freely showing their bonhomie this year. For India, its triumph over Pakistan in a 1971 war which saw a free province of Bangladesh made out of Pakistan's eastern wing is an unmatched military accomplishment. For Bangladesh, the current year's commemoration offers a characteristic chance to bring Dhaka's relations with New Delhi in the groove again which had been disturbed because of an assortment of reasons. 

The developing impact of China in Bangladesh in the new years, particularly following President Xi Jinping's Dhaka visit in October 2016, had been an issue of worry for India, sitting on top of its failure to determine the Teesta stream debate because of homegrown political limitations. Be that as it may, matters had not been helped by the decision Bharatiya Janata Party's 2019 political race manner of speaking focusing on unlawful Bangladeshi Muslim workers.

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