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India's ' one sun one world one grid ' plan: Transnational electricity

India's ' one sun one world one grid ' plan: Transnational electricity
one sun one world one grid 

Sun is the major source of energy that supplies heat and light throughout the universe. The earth revolves around the sun and rotates on its own axis. On revolution, it results in in-season change, and on rotation, it results in day and night change.
 The idea of one sun one world one grid was first proposed by Narendra Modi in 2018 during the First Assembly of International solar alliance (ISA).

 It aims to form a system across the world so that any country across the grid won't face any problems of solar power.
 If India successfully launches this project that it would be able to sell it's solar energy to other countries. In countries such as Finland, Africa, and other countries.
The plan focused on for facilitating global cooperation, building a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy resources( mainly solar energy ) that can be shared seamlessly by underground cables to supply nations, about 140 countries.
The vision behind the OSOWOG mantra is "the sun never sets " and is a constant at some geographical location, globally, at any given point of time.
 This is one of the most ambitious schemes undertaken by the country and is of global significance in terms of sharing economic benefits. It has been taken up by the technical assistance project of the world bank.
Three phases of the plan :

  • First phase: deals with the middle east, south Asia interconnection to build Neighbourhood -first policy
  •  second phase: interconnect with the African power pools
  • Third phase: global interconnection

Significance :
Reduced project cost 
Higher efficiency
Increased asset utilization
Require incremental investment
Participating entities in attaching investments in renewable energy
Growth of national renewable energy management center in India 
During the time of the COVID 19 pandemic taking a lead in evolving global strategies.
 This move is key to future renewable-based energy systems globally because of regionally and international interconnection.

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