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Lockdown in West Bengal has been withdrawn according to the circular released by the Government 

West Bengal Government today has revoked the state Lockdown for 3 days starting from 20th August to 28 August 2020  through a circular released today 
Lockdown in West Bengal has been withdrawn according to the circular released by the Government

West Bengal: The government released a circular today revoking the State-wide lockdown which was aimed at containing the COVID-19 cases in the state on 20th, 21st, and 28th August 2020 due to the pressures from the business communities.

The Lockdown was aimed at reducing the COVID-19 cases in the state which had seen a steep rise in the previous days with 2,931 confirmed cases yesterday which led the state tally to 25,846 confirmed cases in total. The Lockdown involved only allowing people to go out for essential services and also the closure of the West Bengal Airport to not allow for domestic and international flights.

The reason as stated in the circular was the pressure from the business and market unions and groups whose trade may be affected by the Lockdown with the less number of consumers who may come to the shop to use the products.

This revocation can be also seen as a support to the businesses which has been suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the state and also in the world which can be seen from the reduction in the Sensex number in India today.

But there is also speculation that this revocation is also the attitude of the state to be capitalist and to be supportive of business. The businesses can be supported but there needs to measures which can help in the reduction of the COVID-19 cases in the state.

There need to be strict measures taken to maintain social distancing in the shops and to reduce the events that can lead to an increase in the COVID-19 cases. There need to be measured to increase the number of tests that are conducted in the state.

There also needs to be measured to adopt contact tracing and also a proper treatment that can help in knowing and treating the positive cases properly.

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