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Maharashtra again in condition of complete lockdown.

Uddhav Thackeray informed officials to preapre for lockdown.
Maharashtra again in condition of complete lockdown.
The sudden blast of Corona virus is seen in various districts in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra, and the ensuing deficiency of medical clinic beds and other wellbeing offices, the state government is thinking about overwhelming a second total lockdown in the following not many days on the suggestion of the state Covid-19 team. 

With night time limit forced across Maharashtra and in Mumbai from Sunday onwards, Mumbai's neighborhood train stations seem void. 

Boss Minister Uddhav Thackeray asked authorities at a gathering on Sunday to get ready standard working strategies (SOPs) with the goal that lockdown can be forced in an arranged way whenever required. 

Authorities were coordinated to guarantee the inventory of food grains, prescriptions and other fundamental things is kept up and clinical offices run in the event that a second lockdown in Maharashtra is forced. Thackeray said that securing individuals' wellbeing is his need, even as the public authority is making an honest effort to keep the economy above water during the pandemic. 

"Proper guidelines are being given to the organization to guarantee that there is no disarray if a lockdown is forced. The monetary record will be kept up so the monetary cycle isn't influenced," said Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte. 


Dr. Pradeep Vyas, head secretary in the state's wellbeing office, brought up that because of the quickly expanding diseases, exceedingly significant wellbeing offices will before long be under extreme pressure and won't be effectively accessible to the overall population. This incorporates medical clinic beds, ventilators and oxygen. 

As per him, out of 3.57 lakh disconnection beds, more than one lakh have been filled and the leftover beds are being involved quickly. Out of 60,349 oxygen beds, 12,701 have been filled. 

The main priest has said that satisfactory ventilators ought to be accessible. Moreover, he said, 80% of oxygen creation ought to be saved for clinical purposes. 

Thackeray said all necessary offices ought to be accessible in places other than Mumbai and Pune. On the off chance that there are no offices in rustic zones, game plans ought to be made in the closest town, he said. 

Wellbeing Minister Rajesh Tope said there is a need to speed up contact following endeavors in country regions. On the positive side, he said that the speed of inoculation in the state is acceptable and if the virus chain framework accessible in country zones is utilized, immunization at sub-focuses will be expanded. 


Somewhat recently, Maharashtra saw upwards of one lakh new Covid-19 cases. 

Contrasting a year ago's figures, 24, 619 cases were accounted for in a solitary day in the state in September 2020 yet on March 27 this year there were 35,726 new cases. As per the state's Covid-19 team, the state may report 40,000 new cases in the following 24 hours. 

To control the circumstance, Section 144 of the CrPC under which social events of at least five people are prohibited has been forced in the state during the night hours from March 28 onwards. On Saturday, all social affairs, including political and strict ones, were prohibited. Eateries, nurseries and shopping centers are to stay closed between 8 pm and 7 am. 

Boss Minister Thackeray said on Sunday that the standards are not being followed carefully and preventive estimates, for example, social removing and wearing of covers are not being viewed appropriately by many. 

The state's aggregate Covid count as of now remains at 26,73,461.

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