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Maharashtra records highest single day rise COVID cases .

Why do we see history repeating itself ? It's like a flashback from MARCH,2020!!
Maharashtra records highest single day rise COVID cases .

Maharastra is recording increase in COVID cases evryday . Maharashtra's cabinet minister and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's son, Aaditya Thackeray,  tested positive for the coronavirus. Maharashtra contributes to almost 60% of the total Covid cases in India .  March has seen the highest number of Covid cases since 10 Months  , the reasons are obvious . People have stopped taking the Virus seriously and they dont even consider wearing masks anyone . With the vaccine on roll , ans restrictions being upheld , people are forgetting how deadly this Virus is and more importantly how fast it spreads . 

Maharashtra on Saturday , 20th March ,reported over TWENTY-SEVEN  THOUSAND daily Covid cases for the first time ever. The worst Covid-hit state in the country also witnessed 92 deaths because of the Virus. There are currently 9,18,408 people are in home quarantine and 7,953 people are in institutional quarantine fighting the virus . 

Lockdown can be imposed if the cases keep on rising , however we should not wait for Lockdown to take proper precautions . We should start carrying a hand sanitizer with us everyday and never leave our house without masks . Government has strted imposing heavy fine on the citizens who are without their masks on the street . We should avoid going out to crowded places , if its not very important . Last year , 22nd March was the first day of Janta Curfew and again in March , the cases are rising rapidly . If we do not take proper actions now , WE will have to sit under Lockdown again . Let us all remember , our safety is in our own hands.

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