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More Than 3 Million People Vaccinated In A Day- Highest So Far

More Than 3 Million People Vaccinated In A Day- Highest So Far

More than 30 lakhs people vaccinated in past 24 hours i.e recorded as the highest milestone achieved so far.

Now, talking about the total number of people vaccinated in India since now are 3,29,47,432 issued by the Union Health Ministery. And talking about the no. people vaccinated above Age 60 have crossed 1croce within the 15 days to startup.

Total doses given are 30,39,394 doses in last 24 hours including 26,27,000 people given first dose of vaccination and around 4,12,000 people given second dose of vaccination.

It was a great milestone achieved by the Indian Government and Medical Association yesterday.

Now, talking about the bounce back of Covid-19 in India. Approximately 25000 cases are registered yesterday and more than half of the cases i.e 15000-16000 cases are only registered from Maharashtra only. Inorder to control it from more spreading, many districts of Maharashtra have decided to begin with a another Lockdown. Also, according to new guidelines issued by Maharashtra Government, public gatherings like Wedding to be conducted with presence of only 50 people, and 20 people at the time of deaths. Also, hotels, offices, malls and theatres to open with only 50% staff and public issued by Maharashtra Government. Punjab is also registering many cases due to which, the State Government has decided to postpone 10th and 12th board examinations for a month.  Also, the Train services are also interrupted till 31st March. Due to widespread of Covid-19 and PM Narendra Modi announced to conduct online meeting with other states CM to talk about increased widespread of Covid-19.

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