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Mumbai airport to resume flights from terminal 1.

Due to the pandemic situation Mumbai Airport had restricted domestic flights from terminal 1, while the other terminal was operated smoothly.
Mumbai airport to resume flights from terminal 1.
The authorities of the Mumbai Airport have stated that not all but some flights would now be shifted to terminal 1.

The Mumbai Airpot that is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport was operational from only terminal 2 due to the Pandemic situation, but as the number of passengers for dometics flights has increased, the authorities had to take the decision about the reopening of the terminal 1.

The terminal 2 of the Airport is considered as the busiest as there are both, Domestic as well as International flights available. So, to reduce some passengers and avoid more accumulation the authorities thought as much. There would be 102 flights taking off for 28 different destinations on te first day.

The terminal 1 of the Mumbai Airport is present at Santacruz, while the terminal 2 is located at Andheri Sahara. These places don't seem too far, but the Mumbai's famous traffic would definitely make you think so. So, next time when you are about to visit the Airport, check your terminal gate twice.

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