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Nearly 40,000 covid positive cases in India. Maharashtra contributes the highest.

The sharpest rise in the number of cases since November 2020.

Nearly 40,000 covid positive cases in India. Maharashtra contributes the highest.

Total cases jump to 1,15,14,331as India records the highest surge.

The situation in India worsens as India recorded a high surge in the number of covid positive cases. India has reported 39,726 new Covid positive cases and 154 lost their lives. The total active cases now stand at 2,71,282 which is a worrying figure. Maharashtra has reported the highest number of cases in India. With more than 25,500 cases, Maharashtra has also recorded a new peak since March 2020. Their last highest cases were seen in November 2020 which was close to 25,000 but now the state has reported higher than before.

The Indian government needs to take some actions before the situation worsens. Moreover, Maharashtra governed has started taking steps since an uprise was recorded. But no fruitful results have been seen. Just a week ago, the Health Minister of the center wrote a letter to the Maharashtra government about the ineffective Night Curfews in the state. After which, the Maharashtra government moulded the new guidelines as 50% vacancy in Theaters and Restaurants. Delhi has also seen a significant rise, as the number is rising close to 600. The situation in Delhi was handled properly and controlled. But now the circumstances aren't looking good. 

Talks have started about the Lockdown, but it isn't a solution as it impacts the socially and economically the country. Being a citizen of the county its every individual's responsibility to ensure his personal and his close one's safety. If every individual adheres to the protocols issued by the Indian Government, then the outbreak would thus get controlled.

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